DESINFELP eliminates the potential for the transmission of diseases through footwear and is also a new measure of disinfection for all farms within the agricultural industry.

It has greater strenght and stability, thanks to its rubber base and slopped design, thus reducing the likelihood of cattle slippages.

With DESINFELP you can forget about homemade footbaths, short life mats and you will be able to maintain a better standard of hygiene in your industry for longer.


DESINFELP rubber combines quality with performance. Its measurements are 80 x 80 and weighs 15kg per unit. Its capacity is 6 litres of disinfectant which is securely fitted to the ground. It is also easy to clean.

Places in which to be installed: Livestock arrivals, buildings of any kind, insemination centers, incubators, sorting rooms, animal facilities, farms,slaughterhouses, warehouses, greenhouses, etc.